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On this page of FunTorrents you can download Horror Movie torrents, with the high quality as possible, like WEB-DL and 720p or 1080p resolution.

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Child's Play download torrent Production years : 2019
IMDb: 7.4/10

At the point when Andy is given a kid measured doll, Chucky, for his birthday, he doesn't understand that the spirit of a criminal has had it. Chucky requirements to discover an exit from the toy's body or hazard being stuck there until the end of time. With Chucky having a substantial impact of the film as a static doll holding on to detonate to life, there's not so much any space for some alarming or violent minutes. 

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Horror | Views: 6570 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2019-04-18

Annabelle Comes Home download torrent Production years : 2019
IMDb: 8.0/10

Resolved to keep Annabelle from unleashing more destruction, paranormal examiners Ed and Lorraine Warren lock the had doll in the relics room in their home. In any case, when the doll stirs the room's malevolent spirits, it before long turns into an unholy night of fear for the couple's 10-year-old little girl, her companions and their young sitter. 

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Horror | Views: 9205 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2019-04-18

The Intruder download torrent Production years : 2019
IMDb: 8.0/10

Scott and Annie Russell couldn't be more joyful in the wake of purchasing their fantasy home from a puzzling and desolate single man named Charlie in Napa Valley, Calif. Their recently discovered heaven before long transforms into a living bad dream when Charlie - still peculiarly connected to the house - starts to appear and meddle in their day by day lives.

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Horror | Views: 1030 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2019-04-18

Ma download torrent Production years : 2019
IMDb: 7.8/10

A desolate, moderately aged lady becomes a close acquaintence with a gathering of youngsters and chooses to give them a chance to party at her home. Exactly when the children figure their karma couldn't beat that, things begin happening that make them question the expectation of their host. 

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Horror | Views: 426 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2019-04-18

Us download torrent Production years : 2019
Quality: HDCam
IMDb: 7.4/10

A frightfulness and parody blended in one; the most recent film by Jordan Peele that will hit theaters this spring is called US. In spite of the fact that not at a similar dimension as the splendid GET OUT, the primary film Peele conveyed to the extra large screen, US is as yet a rollercoaster ride with odd wanders aimlessly till the end when the somewhat dreadful and weird clarification of the storyline is at last uncovered. 

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Horror | Views: 301 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2019-04-18

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